Why does scrollshot stitching fail?

The scrollshot stitching requires a sufficient height of overlap between your screenshots, about two lines of text height. If there is not enough overlap area, it can't be automatically stitched. Also note that a chat screenshot with a custom chat background will also fail, because the background image interferes with the matching area detection.

Why is the image blank after saving it to system photo album?

This is a bug in iOS 10. When the image's file size is too big, viewing the image in the system photo album may show a blank image. But in some apps, the image is still usable. The image can be sent to a computer, you can then select other applications for further compression.

Why does the image look very blurry after saving it to the system photo album?

This is a bug in iOS 11. When the image is saved in PNG format and the file size is too big, it may look very blurry in the system photo album, but the quality of image is perfectly fine. Sending it to a computer enables it to be used normally. Chose the "Prefers Saving as PNG" option to solve this problem.

Why after adding a device mockup, viewing it in the system album, the top and the bottom of the image are both cut off?

This is the display problem of the system album. Double-click the image to zoom in, then pinch to zoom out, now you can see the complete image.

Why does the web snapshot extension show a blank page on launching?

The web snapshot extension needs the same network access permission as the host application. If you have not yet authorized the host application to access the network, there will be a blank page on launching.

Other Situations

If the above questions do not include the situation you are experiencing, please send an email to picsewapp@gmail.com for feedback.

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